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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Currently no waiting on Aisle 5...

So, the time has come to let my techie-toy A.D.D. take over and go play with new stuff.

The 'new toy' in this case would be the fresh new hotness in bloggerizationisms, Vox.com

I'll keep the original SKoS up and live for awhile, and may even get the cross-posting business set up and running, but everyone - and I mean e v e r y o n e, even you Mr. Anonymous Thailand Person - needs to go to Vox, register, and start doing this thing yourselves.

Then we can all join each other's Neighborhoods and be all "Like OMG why did you post that video I was SO going to do that on MY Blog you meanie-panini!!1" ...or something.

It's cool though, even if you do talk like that, because the only proper response was, is and will always be "Up yer butt, Jobu."

SO. Check it out. The new place to be is http://skos.vox.com.

It's a veritable one-stop shop of Kickass - you can read my books, listen to my mp3s, watch favorite GooTube vids and drool over pictures that you wish you took.

Just kidding...mostly.

Done and done. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT.


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